"Moving to the states at 50 was not easy. It was a deliberate choice to leave a steady, comfortable and pretty successful life in Europe to embrace new challenges. I expected it would be rocky but not to that extent. Sophie's help was invaluable. Her sharp emotional intelligence, her compassionate listening combined with her very strong academic background in all the fields of her art enabled her to come up with a "treatment plan" that helped me tremendously. As an autonomous executive for many years I'd never believed that one day I would need anyone's help to get my life back on track, but faced to a new country, work system, involved in a new relationship, away from my relatives etc... etc.. Sophie's very practical, yet rigorous, approach has been paramount for my survival. I recommend her without any restriction to anyone in moral pain."

P., 50. y.o. (Services provided: Therapy)

"Very smart, very sharp at getting to the bottom of things. I received incredible help through her and would recommend her highly."

G., 31 y.o. (services provided: Therapy & Coaching)

"After being diagnosed with learning disabilities in my sophomore year of high school, I was applying to the College board to receive extended time on the SAT, I was denied twice because the information on my report (from another psychologist) was not sufficient enough. I needed to be re tested in order to send in another psychoeducational evaluation and Dr. Guellati- Salcedo was recommended. Not only did she administer extensive tests and write a 27 page report that allowed me to get the extended time I needed, she thoroughly explained my disabilities to me which allowed me to finally understand them and become successful. Dr. Guellati-Salcedo is a very caring person who puts in enormous time and energy into your case making sure your getting the best care possible! After my experience with Dr. Guellati- Salcedo, I would never recommend anyone else!"

A student, 17 y.o. (Services provided: Psychoeducational Evaluation)

"Dr. Guellati provided intervention to support my child's delay in life skills. She offered various tools to reinforce these skills. I looked forward to every session with Dr. Guellati, and I recommend her to anyone looking to make changes in their lives."

B., parent of an 18 y.o. (Services provided: Therapy & Coaching)

"I have gone to different doctors with my teenage girl and by far Dr. Guellati-Salcedo has been the best person to create good communication, understanding and helped us a lot. She also has done two psychoeducational evaluations for my kids for college purposes and have received very good comments from the college saying that it was one of the best evaluations they have seen. I truly recommend her services without question."

M., mother of two college students

(Services Provided: Psychoeducational Evaluations)

"Dr. Guellati-Salcedo was wonderful to work with. We had a tight deadline for a hearing with the school district in regards to special accommodations for our child's ADHD condition. Our old Psychological report was expired and we needed a new report including all the testing. We contacted her at 4pm and she changed her schedule to meet with us at 5pm the same day. She then shuffled her schedule so she could conduct all the testing necessary for a thorough report. She completed all the testing and had the report ready in two weeks. We were able to meet the deadline for the school district. Sophie was excellent to work with and we highly recommend her."

M., parent of a 13 y.o. (Services provided: Psychoeducational Evaluation)

"Sophie is simply the best! She is very well organized, caring, attentive, thoughtful, open, and compassionate. I came to her in the darkest of days and she guided me to a clear mind. I now enjoy peaceful and joyful mental health, something I had never truly known. Over the course of about a year and a half she listened, advised, and inspired me to believe in myself and my capabilities. Though I was always quick to self-diagnose myself, Sophie never let me believe that I was suffering from something insurmountable. She never pathologized me or focused on my past. We worked on how to improve the present and be comfortable in this moment. Sophie introduced me to Mindfulness Meditation which is the greatest gift anyone could have ever presented me. She taught me how to relax, how to care for myself, and how to enjoy life. She gave me numerous recommendations for books and CDs, all of which I have read and have helped me tremendously in all areas of life. Sophie walked with me during a time when I had no hope, no vision, no self esteem, and no respect for my own life. I am more than well now, and I owe every ounce of my current health and happiness to her having believed in me. She has a vibrant spirit and genuinely, truly cares about her patients."

L., 26 y.o. (Services Provided: Therapy & Coaching)

"I was looking for a qualified psychologist to help me to deal with my overwhelming fears and anxiety. I am glad I found Dr. Sophie Guellati-Salcedo; she is professional, compassionate, always kind and very communicative. My therapy with her definitely works. She helps me to find the best way to relax and live my life more relaxed, managing the fear to be balanced, not extreme, and minimize anxiety. Mindfulness & acceptance works like a charm. I am happy about the results; happy to find out how her therapy really works, helping me to break free from anxiety, phobias & worry. She also recommended excellent books to read. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to see a psychologist. I always felt comfortable with her. She is excellent."

M.A., 47 y.o. (Services Provided: Therapy)

Motivation: Your Path from Contemplation to Action.


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