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Here are some sources of information on developmental delays made available online. You may suspect a developmental delay when you believe that your child is significantly behind in certain areas (e.g., language, motor, socio-emotional development), when compared to other children of his age.

Pathways Awareness Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the benefit of early detection and early therapy for children with early motor delays.

Raising Bilingual Children: Common Parental Concerns and Current Research (2006) by Kendall King and Lyn Fogle, Georgetown University - see more in the Center for Applied Linguistics Digest.

Developmental Dyspraxia is a disorder characterized by an impairment in the ability to plan and carry out sensory and motor tasks. Generally, individuals with the disorder appear "out of sync" with their environment. Symptoms vary and may include poor balance and coordination, clumsiness, vision problems, perception difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems, difficulty with reading, writing, and speaking, poor social skills, poor posture, and poor short-term memory. Although individuals with the disorder may be of average or above average intelligence, they may behave immaturely.

Qu'est-ce que la Dyspraxie?
La dyspraxie est un trouble du développement, une difficulté à acquérir un comportement qui est normalement présent chez les personnes du même âge. Ce comportement difficile à acquérir, c'est celui des gestes, et particulièrement de la motricité fine. 

Motivation: Your Path from Contemplation to Action.

Developmental Delays